Local talents : the Polynesian Touch on its way !

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21 September 2016
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6 October 2016

Local talents : the Polynesian Touch on its way !

4 "chevaliers Jedi" de Studio Poly3D, école des arts et métiers du numérique et de la conception de jeux vidéo en Polynésie, se sont illustrés dans le monde des concepteurs de jeux vidéo, en remportant la dernière game jam d’Epic Games

Four “Jedi Knights” in second year at Studio Poly3D, school of arts and crafts of digital and video game design in Polynesia, have distinguished themselves in the world of video game designers. They won the Epic Games game jam (UE4jam), one of the biggest american studios of video game development.

Remember their names. They are Tuhono Cowan, Jessie Lau, Moerani Flohr and Manoa Salmon. They won the 22th of September 2016 the monthly game jam of the great studio Epic Games. The studio Epic Games? You know: Gears of War, Paragon, Unreal Tournament …

During 4 days, they had to create a play on the theme: “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s done”.


Sleepless nights to complete the game

To get there, the 4 students of Studio Poly3D have had their share of sleepless nights.

But the result is there: their game triumphed after facing 44 teams also competing .

The game developed by our students staged a hero who must leave an island full of dangers by building a raft.

The character can only carry one object at a time. Hence he must make choices between the fight against danger and the need to build the raft to escape.


$ 1 500 License gain for each laureate

Beauty, game mechanics, game play and level design, attractiveness, ratio between the difficulty and will to play … All these points were crucial to elect the winner.

The professional jury composed with members of Epic Games has chosen the version of the polynesian “Jedi Knights”. Everyone has obtained a Houdini license (3D animation software studio Side Effect Softwares) worth 1500 dollars, goodies and a badge of the studio Epic Games.


The Polynesian Touch on its way


This game jam confirmed the Polynesians talent in digital art.

These Studio Poly3D students have shown in just one year that they were able to rub shoulders with global talent. And come up on top among the best.

Indeed, during the game jam, some studios of renowned videogames do not hesitate to enroll their team in order to assess them.

For Studio Poly3D, the test is passed with success. It does not end here.

This pool of polynesian talents will of course be present at the Digital Festival Tahiti, so come and meet them there!