The Organizers – The french Polynesia

French Polynesia intends to participate in the development of a new digital ecosystem on a global scale.

In this incredible entanglement of flows, technologies, innovations, centers of research and excellence, we already find an intuitive and unique opportunity to break our enclavement and to show the world what we are capable of, “said the President of French Polynesia, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Mr. Edouard FRITCH at the inauguration of the digital consular school POLY3D on 14 September 2015.

Mr. Jean-Christophe BOUISSOU, Minister in charge of digital, knows this sector well because he is in charge of the regulation of telecommunications and the development of the digital economy. In this capacity, he seeks to offer optimal development conditions to entrepreneurs in the digital economy in French Polynesia.

With the support of the General Direction for the Digital Economy, his ministry has undertaken to implement various measures aimed at :

  • The emergence of digital projects (calls for projects),
  • Support project initiators (incubators, digital nurseries),
  • Strengthen the training on new information and communication technologies.


A major overhaul of the Postal and Telecommunications Code to be completed in 2017 is also carried out by the Minister in charge of digital. It aims in particular to adapt the regulatory framework of Telecommunications in French Polynesia to the needs associated with the recent opening of the market to competition.

Major infrastructure projects such as the deployment of fiber optics and of a second submarine cable are also being carried out by the country to strengthen the conditions for the development of the digital economy in French Polynesia.

Only a few years ago, the challenge of building French Polynesia was to bring the Polynesians closer together with the development of sea and air connections. Today, at the dawn of the next decade, we are facing a very similar challenge, that of bringing our country and the islands together by interlinking them. Our current project in the pursuit of building our country is to meet this challenge by linking the Polynesians through a digital strategy that will provide direction and a new vision. Digital is today and for tomorrow the lever for strengthening the unity of our country“.

Jean-Christophe BOUISSOU