Digital Festival Tahiti 2017

First great digital gathering in Pacific islands

Come onboard the 360° adventure!

MARCH 16th  18th 2017
CCISM of French Polynesia

First great digital meeting in the Pacific islands co-organized by French Polynesia, the Public Operator for Telecommunications (OPT), the chamber of commerce and industry, services and professions (CCISM). In partnership with Studio Poly 3D, Organization for Professionals of the Digital Economy (OPEN), Air Tahiti Nui airline and Intercontinental Tahiti Resort & SPA hotel.



Polynesia has entered the digitalization era, bonding generations, collaborative, connected to the objects and flourishing with information.

In less than a decade, the world has turned into a new ultra-connected universe, thrust by the acceleration of technology innovations that are upseting our socio-economic models. This 3rd industrial revolution impacts deeply people’s purposes and behaviors, their social interactions and transforms company’s commercial relationship and business model, from the neighborhood shop to the multinational.

It’s a great opportunity for French Polynesia’s socio-economic development, its connection to big international markets, new job creation, added value as well as economic, social and cultural wealth.

French Polynesia grabed it and firmly invests in its digital transformation : structuring equipment with the first high-speed underwater cable Honotua, the project of a second cable to secure international connection and a new cable to open up archipelagoes, optic fiber deployment, 4G connection, setting a development plan for digital economy, and launching new graduating programs and new promising sectors.

Digital uses spread rapidly, finding an echo specific to the Polynesian society’s culture and its traditionally communautary collaborative organization :

64% of Polynesians are Internet users and more than half the population connects everyday on social networks.

The launch of Digital Festival Tahiti 2017, first great digital meeting in the Pacific islands, states the will of French Polynesia’s public authorities and labour force to go forward and innovate in the knowledge and skills of these new solutions, opening a converging field, of shared experiences and debates to all digital actors in the Pacific region.

Organized by French Polynesia, the Public Operator for Telecommunications (OPT), the chamber of commerce and industry, services and professions (CCISM), this first Digital Festival will be held in Tahiti March 16th -18th 2017.

The first edition of a meeting that will be held every year with the ambition to spread and amplify.



Artificial Intelligence (AI ), humanoids, exoskeletons, drones, big data, connected objects ( IoT ), digital art, virtual reality, augmented reality, smart houses and cars, smart cities, connected shops, touch screens , contactless payments , explosion of mobile uses …

Digitalization outgrows the science fiction field, spreading its practical uses in every area of our daily lives.

This first edition of Digital Festival Tahiti has wide opened its doors to the new digital era in order to have people in Polynesia and the Pacific region discover its latest innovations. First great digital meeting in the Pacific Islands, Digital Festival Tahiti is as open to the public, as to the professionals and also the innovative and promising project leaders.